What is the 365 Project?

The 365 Project is your chance to jump into self-publishing and launch a book on Amazon.com ready for the holiday season!

Isaac and I have created a class which includes an hour long video walkthrough, 30 page eBook and resources to get you started with Amazon CreateSpace. It includes stacks of ideas and detailed explanations to help you create something completely unique. The class is 100% newbie friendly and you do not need any special software.

This class is also a challenge. We challenge you to follow the course through, complete your book and (optionally) share it with your fellow book-creators!

Fast Track Video Course Plus Accompanying Digital Book

Why should I share my book?

Sharing your book progress offers a sense of accountability to keep you committed to the end! It also means you can get support with questions from other creators… and excitingly, it means we can all help each other to promote and market our books by sharing to our social media networks! But it’s not obligatory, lone wolves are welcome too :)

What is CreateSpace?

Amazon CreateSpace is a platform offered by Amazon allowing you to publish your own books, CDs and DVDs.

Books created using CreateSpace can be made available on Amazon.com, Amazon Europe and using the Extended Distribution option, they can also be distributed to bookstores, libraries and educational institutions.

CreateSpace is a print on demand platform. You do not pay fees to sell on CreateSpace and you do not have to handle any physical product. Instead, you upload your digital content files and create a listing for your book. When a customer looks at your book on the CreateSpace store or on Amazon.com and decides to buy it, CreateSpace prints the book and ships it out to them.

CreateSpace books are high quality and look fantastic!

And, really excitingly… you don’t need to be a writer to create them. Students in our Coloring Book and Curate courses have published all kinds of books, some with amazing success. Sasha O’Hara’s ‘Calm The F* Down’ coloring book became the #1 Adult Coloring book on Amazon and reached the top ten of all books to become a bestseller! Jordan Colton’s ‘Horrible’ coloring books were picked up by a large subscription box company, distributing over 1000 units and were also chosen by the MST3K TV show to be a feature of their reunion event! During the current back to school season, several sellers have reported dozens to hundreds of sales of their composition and graph books.

CreateSpace books are professional and beautiful and best of all, they allow individuals like us to compete with giant publishers… and win!

Katharyne & Isaac

Katharyne Shelton leads the 16,000 member group 'Treasure Hunting with Katharyne' on Facebook. She has provided coaching, support and help to thousands of online sellers and is an expert in Amazon's policies and platforms. Her numerous product creation and marketing courses have reached hundreds of devoted students, many of whom have created successful products, books and bundles with sales that rival products from big corporations, getting her a reputation as a hitmaker. Her Treasure Hunting YouTube channel has 12,000 subscribers and has also guided countless new sellers on their journey.

With a British MBA and a background in the arts, she is skilled in international marketing, sales and consulting but brings a unique level of creativity to her projects. She approaches teaching and consulting with a kind, empathic, playful and sometimes quirky approach, backed up with experience, knowledge and a pioneering approach to new ideas. She has sold on multiple platforms and currently focuses on Amazon FBA, CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch.

Katharyne's partner, Isaac Gonzalez is a professional web developer and an expert in eCommerce platforms, particularly Shopify. He has developed products for resellers including searchblast.net and Tangent, using his understanding of marketing algorithms, keywords and SEO to create these powerful research tools. Visit Tangent to learn more.

The Curate class was much more than I expected and exactly what I needed.
- Nina

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